Hello everyone!
          	It’s been a while, since I got on here, due to my busy schedule I never really had the time to come back here to write or update. 
          	I do hope I can fix most of my story and revise them and fix, not gonna lie I wrote most of them when I was 19 and had barely much going on for myself. 
          	I honestly used to write a lot to help me get out of reality but after putting myself in a positive place I realise I have a lot of ideas in mind and that writing actually helped get out alot of creativity that overwhelms my mind.
          	So to start of 2021 I finally updated one of my novels
          	I’m hoping to write more but sadly it will be here and than as life do keep me busy all day long  I do apologise in advance and appreciate the love and support from my followers! Thank you for the support, Author-San signing out :P


@chanini101 Goodbye Author, we will miss you! Have a wonderful journey in life!


@chanini101 kérlek frissítsd az elbűvölő tündér és a kis kontya című írásodat. Nagyon várom . Ez a kedvenc könyvem persze meg értem, hogy elfoglalt vagy. Azért még reménykedem. Köszönöm


I really want to continue read it as the story is amazing . If you won't continue it can you please tell me