Hii Everyone...
          	Hope u all are doing fine..
          	Will update junoon tonight. 
          	Thank you for keeping patience❤️


@chhotisister thank you so much di 


@chhotisister waiting eagerly....welcome back...❤❤


Hello writer
          I read junoon 10 times in past 3 months. 
          It's such a beautiful and interesting story... 
          I am deeply attached to this story .... Not only this but all of your stories... 
          They Aree wonderful✨
          You are indeed a awesome writer....
          I hope your doing good... 
          And will wil update soon...


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Hi, your junoon is a masterpiece and I hope u know how immensely talented you are .
          Pls pls pls for the sake of sidnaz write something as beautiful as junoon,Sidharth of junoon us just so so good n you hv no idea how good we as readers feel readingbur work pls.
          Your writing is very different .pls