hi, i'm christal! just someone who happened to write cause her thoughts were too clouded with the endless imagination <3

all my stories are written in taglish and set in a country called chantrella, a very prosperous country, unless otherwise stated. it has four main parts, chantelle the capital, hazelle the highlands, frielle the beach, and drielle the province. in short, i am in my own world <3

if you have questions about me or my stories feel free to message me <3

stories <3

XYZA Series:
The alphabet is the beginning of it all and the end of all ends. The prologue and the epilogue. The endgame. Because no matter how much we hated learning the alphabet, it still started our knowledge. And when this alphabet falls apart, how do you live?
1.) Austere Alpha's Achilles (editing)
2.) Belligerent Beta's Bruises (ongoing)
3.) CCC

TC Series:
To turn back time might be paradise; one could make flowers bloom; one could ride the waves; one could wilt its pain; one could snuggle bliss. And in between it all, four could only crash their greatest desires into a little capsule of treasure - the memory of every little time their equally little hearts had. Is paradise worth a revisit? They think not.
1.) Spring Sequoia (ongoing)
2.) SP
3.) IA
4.) WC

Twt: @_christalpen
💌 : christalpenwp@gmail.com
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