I know life is hard. I know sometimes you feel like giving up: on people and on yourself. I know you have good days and bad days but more bad than good or so it seems. I know everyday you question yourself “what is this all for?” ,” am I making the right choices?” or “am I supposed to be here, now?”. I know you have more questions than answers and most of the time you don’t even know how to explain them. I know life is hard, but you have to keep going. You have to rise above the waters of your soul, and bloom, no matter how hot the fire is. No matter how many arrows you carry on your back, believe me, you’re a warrior. You’re a soldier filled with both pain and love. And life, well, life is just another beast you were meant to tame and there is no one better for the job, other than you. 
          — RM Drake


“Helper needs help.”
          A lot of us hesitate to ask for help when we are in need. We often deny acepting the reality that we are struggling thus, we never ask for help from our friends and family. In fact, we consider asking for help a sign of weakness because we are afraid of people might judge us. But dear, we also have our limitations. According to David Allen, “You can do anything but not everything.” and it is true. Yes we have different talents, different skills. But despite of, there are really times that we can feel like we cannot already do it. Like we're tired. We really need help. And it's normal. We're all humans by the way. And human as we, we have our limitations. Just humble yourself, accept the reality. Asking for help is normal. You have your family, the people around you and of course...me. We're here to help you. We need help, because not all the time we're strong—we also need someone to lean on. Cheer up! Just don't be afraid. Also, if someone needs your help, don't hesitate your lend your ears, time and talents with them. Because just like you, they also need help. 


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