omg I miss writing on here guys. Thinking I should put out a one shot or something short very soon Gimme your requests 


More Dabiiiiiiii


You write dabi so so good love to see more 


girl i miss you sm. i hope you're doing well! i am greatly motivated and inspired by your work; it is so beautifully written and thoughtful. i don't know how long it has been since you've been inactive, but wherever you are, i pray you're doing well in life. even if you don't upload anymore, i hope you come back soon and at least let us know everything is okay. stay safe out there! wish you and everyone else the best <3


U made me cry after a very long while just wanna tell you that and my heart still hurts from the ending of any last words literally just finished it I hate and love you for making me go thru this pain but I needed some good angst it’s been a long time and now I’m just gonna imagine that was all a dream and she did survive and is helping bakugo become a pro hero as well as aizawa also survived with hawks and they all are just family bonding thank you 


For the past 3 and a half days straight I was reading this fiction and finished it a couple of minutes ago, I don't know any other work that kept me on my toes that I didn't wanna take a break and I didn't take a break but regardless the whole 68 episodes of the fic has made me laugh and cry and considering the fact that I'm a picses doesn't really help with the situation. Thank you so much for this amazing experience and I'm gonna try to calm myself down after this. Thanks again once more for the journey dude, it was one of a ki d that's for sure


          Hey! So I read the bakugo story when you first published it and I remember a smut scene sometime after Aizawa died and I just reread the story but I don’t remember reading it again so I was curious if you deleted it or something? Not bothered just confused LOL