bruh i was rewriting some sentences in the secret admirer book bc i wrote that book 4 years ago but i just realized that doing that doesn’t show the comments under the old sentences anymore (obviously) but i still want to make some lines better as well but i also want to read the comments along with the old lines ... dilemma 


@daralolli helloooooooooo you're an amazing writer!! :D




I had ran into ur book few years ago yea I decided to give it a read and since then I fell in love and I have never regret that!! What more exciting was to find out that we have the same nationality I have only seen very very very few of amazing authors on this platform who are from myanmar l rarely even see them tbh. I really do hope ur doing well with ur health both in physical and mental. We really hoped for an update to secret admirer but since u are an adult now we understand that u may be busy enough with living ^_^ so Im wishing the best to u <333