bruh i was rewriting some sentences in the secret admirer book bc i wrote that book 4 years ago but i just realized that doing that doesn’t show the comments under the old sentences anymore (obviously) but i still want to make some lines better as well but i also want to read the comments along with the old lines ... dilemma 


@daralolli helloooooooooo you're an amazing writer!! :D


Dat u hv 4m views that should reassure u dat u are a good writer


its been two years since u were last active author nim...
          are u alright?


hello, I am alina,  and I really like your book. and I think that those in Romania will also like it! Would you like to collaborate? I mean ... to translate your book ^^
          of course if you want that. so can i translate it? ^^


Authornim ..... Please upload more of secret admirer.... I have been stuck on it for months now.... Jeballllllllll jeballlllllll


@daralolli Please tell us how your doing? If your taking a break, that's fine but I'm worried because there is no explanation. Take your time tho :)


Author pls come back.ပြန်လာခဲ့ပါတော့ စောင့်ရလွန်းလို့ သစ်ကုလားအုပ်ညီမဖြစ်တော့မယ်