This wattpad update has me losing my mind


I’m not gonna be as active on here as I was before. Coronavirus, stupid freaking allergies, my job, school, family problems, and my friend has recently gone missing so I just need some time to deal with all of it. 
          Stay safe guys <3


@disney_world12 We all need to deal with it, it's not a problem if you do something to be ok


Read till the end! I sent an angel to watch over you last night, but they were confused when they flew back they explained that they didn’t watch over-other angels.
          There are 14 Angel’s in this world. 8 are sleeping, 5 are playing, and the last one is reading this message. 
          The universe has seen you struggling, and has promised that will end. A blessing will come your way!
          Send this to 14 other angles in life who deserve to know they are loved~
          Don’t stop the chain! Send positivity and love all around; you never know who needs to hear it the most!
          Remember that I care about you! Many more feel the same way about you too, and want you to be the happiest you ever could be!