'I Do' the latest story update was so sad  and the plot, gosh what a plot twist. I was expecting them to unite and spend their lives together as a family. 
          But why?! Now, it would be really difficult for me to forget about this realistic yet heartwrenching story... 
          To those readers who are looking for a story to cry on, the story 'I Do' is what I would like to recommend. Urgh, just thinking about it makes me cry from the bottom of my heart. Now I'm just babbling... forgive my rudeness author but I'm not feeling well right now thinking about "xiaomei and shu", even though I have  a bio paper in two days and should be studying. 
          Not forgetting 'William', a cool and a real friend to 'Song Shu'. RIP Song Shu. I know childish, but who cares I'm a 17 year old girl in a student.  That just reminds me of 'Xu Xiaomi.' How I feel bad for her and she's just a character. 
          I have vented enough. Time for me to go... "Song Shu!!" "Don't die, you're too young and beautiful to die!"


I love your book - Family of Villains. I couldn't put it down despite being crazy busy. I love how Su Bei's character was developed and how her twin is such a sweet brother. And love how all the characters were developed and how you ended the story. Hope to read more amazing stories from you. 


@Riccio77 though I don't take credit for the work I've put here, thank you for the appreciation you have on the stories I've shared here as they really are the stories close to my heart ♥️