people still actively read and comment on my stories and i think that’s hilarious how do i tell my college friends that I’m very niche internet famous


Hi! I just wanna plug my story.
          Taylah Russell is the real daughter of Edwards family yet treated like a trash and happened to have a one night stand with her bother in law who she hates more than anything. Being ready to take her rights, she used her pregnancy and married Aljan Davier who was with her last night. But she didn't expect that he would be cruel to kill own child in her womb.
          Will they be able to understand each other and get together???


ahhhh i read 10:53 back in 2014 and to this day, every time its 10:53 i think of ur fanfic :') came back to reread it as a 20 year old to relive the memories ahhhh hope u are doing well amanda