hello peeps please dont forget about me, i was @pleasedontjump. if u havent already, check my latest update on my profile! 


          i will be officially rebranding!
          now, what does that mean for my account you may ask. it basically means i will take down all my brallon fics (and i might renew them as other ships if i feel like it). gawsten stays up. i will change my layout and my username.
          now, if you like kpop you are in luck! i have developed an ultimate love for enhypen and would feel comfortable using them as my new basis for some fics! yes, i will start writing again. it just gave me so much comfort back in the days that i am missing today. so stay tuned!
          my main ship will mostly be sunsun (sunghoon x sunoo) with some sideships. even if you are not into kpop or enhypen, maybe you still decide to stay!
          until then! 


this message may be offensive
holy shit hi!
          its been a whole 3 years since ive posted anything on this account and somehow i went down a rabbit hole the whole day looking at stories that i've wrote or that i used to read!
          now i wanted to say a lot has happened in those 3 years. people got cancelled (and rightfully so) and ive stopped supporting a lot of artists/bands. to be honest, i feel like the only ones i can trust are parx okay. i do not support panic! in any sort of form anymore for the past years and i feel like i have this dilemma right now because of my brallon stories (writing that shipname made me shudder in the most uncomfortable way jeez). i dont know whether i should take them down or leave them up because i do see people are still reading them and i do like my writing (in most of them at least)!
          now i dont ship gawsten either anymore considering i am a 20 year old who just grew out of it. definitely still love my boys tho and will leave those up for sure.
          i would love to write some new stuff if uni allows me to have time for that, cause honestly some shit i wrote slap and i dont even wanna deny it like yes slay! now what i dont have are ocs and im ngl, i also dont want any. my writing was always so inspired by the people i wrote about because i need an image in my head when i talk/write about a person otherwise i cant focus. so i might just use gawsten but like just as names? cause i need names and people and aaa??? i dont evwn know man. i dont even know if i will really come back.
          i just know that writing has been my comfort for years and its sad to see it go.
          so anyways, maybe tell me what to do about the brallon fics?
          love u guys, until next time!


@pleasedontjump  i respect you don't support patd but i've just discovered your acc and i wanna read all your fics  keep them here 


@depresso_espressoxo i appreciate you giving your opinion on this!! tysm!
            also to it was only a kiss, my ass we will SEEEE LMAO i might as well do so cause ngl i reread that yesterday and was like WHAT KINDA ENDING IS THAT WHY DID I DO THAT


bruh literally me LMAO but i think you should keep them up but those books kept me going like three years ago 


hi i'll see waterparks next year cool cool 




@addictwithapantaloon SAME AHHH WHO DOESN'T LOVE IT