I haven’t been on here in a while, and wanted to come to you guys and tell you that unfortunately I will be discontinuing my works and no longer be writing on Wattpad.
          	As you all have noticed over the years, Wattpad has changed quite a bit. At first, it became this fresh and easy platform to share and create stories. To connect with other writers, and to easily be in touch with your audience. As the years progressed, I was gratefully apart of Wattpad Futures, a program that allowed writers to show ads on their works to be compensated for their work. The program slowly turned authors not really writing what they wanted to in fear of ads being taken away from them, and no longer being compensated for the long and hard hours they put into their books. Wattpad has chosen to discontinue this program, therefore writers like me who already took a huge blow for “mature content” (profanity, mention of alcohol/drugs, physical intimacy, etc.) are no longer being paid for their work.
          	My works contain hundreds of thousands of words. Years to create. I have loved every minute of writing my works and sharing them with you all. I will continue to leave my free content on Wattpad, as it should be. I will never make my readers purchase premium options to view my work. I write to entertain and to connect to others. And Wattpad is not for that purpose anymore.
          	Over the last year I’ve been writing endlessly, and planning to physically publish my own work. I post blogs here and there, and share my writing on my social media. 
          	If you would like to stay updated with me and my work, and laugh a little, take the time to follow my personal twitter account where you can find my other socials as well:
          	Twitter: @zestyartichoke
          	I appreciate every like, comment, and share I have ever received on this account and look forward to a new season and this next step in my life. Thank you for reading, and always staying updated!
          	- Annalise


@fluffycashton coming back and rereading your books years later was really nostalgic, it sucks that Wattpad changed the way it did but thanks for your writing


We love u queen <3 thank you for all the amazing books I read as a youngin 


@fluffycashton thank you for your works, as the years have gone on i too think think that wattpad has changed a lot (for the worse) and so it has been really hard to write on this platform now, so i understand. wish you all the best for your next chapter in life :)


Sorry for intruding I'll be quick !!Pliz anyone check out my book. It's not the best but it can be good hehee. It's my first book so it can be horrible!!! Comments that could help me out with my writing skills are highly welcome........I gotta goo