i actually forgot i had wattpad until likw a week ago why do i still have followers i havent been active in almost a year


this message may be offensive
ok your last post is fucking 2021 but i am still going to <3
          Hello!! Wanna roleplay with me and my friend? We do it in random comment sections, We do reddie but now we want the whole losers club. If you do wanna join us you will need to change your pfp and name (you can change your user but if you don’t want to you don’t  have to :])
           right now it’s me, georgecantwalk and  Offbrand-YourMom I roleplay as eddie and they roleplay as richie then  Offbrand-YourMom is stan!  (their user is @georgecantwalk)  the rest of the spots are free and you can be whoever you want to be (well only if someone else haven’t taken the spot yet)
          You can text me or my friend @georgecantwalk
          And feel free to reject this offer if you don’t want to join :]