Guys, I need help. 
          	Since my wattpad account is already logged in the app at my adroid phone, I don't need to log in to my account anymore. Hence,  I can use my wattpad here in my phone. But recently,  when I try opening my account at my desktop, I can't seem to log in. 
          	I know to myself that I haven't changed my password (I swear to god,  I know my password by heart), but I just can't seem to log in for about a hundred times by now. The statement,"Your password is incorrect" keeps popping up and I don't know what to do. 
          	Is there a possibility that someone must have hacked into my account and changed my password? 
          	Should I reset my password by now?  What should I do?  I can't update my stories since I usually do it in my desktop. 
          	Hope someone could help me. 


@gleek_demigod that happened to me too! but sadly, i could not retrive my acc. now it is ded. so this is the new account i created.


@gleek_demigod just reset your password, that was an issue everyone was having


          	  You could perhaps try and reset your password.
          	  Logging in from multiple devices shouldn't be an issue.
          	  I have linked my Wattpad account to one of my Google accounts so I can log in from wherever I want.
          	  You could try syncing it too


Hi. Just wondering if you were AWOL and if you could maybe start a new pjo? If you aren't too busy that is. Just finished rerereading curse of kronos, and I may have sent a great author your way. Her name's @Gh0stWr1t3r. See if you can check her out. Cya


Yeah bro, I'll definitely check it out