Can anyone please help me send the translated(English) link of this book to me?, I've tried so hard but can't get it right.'The Male gods of the last days ', the synopsis talks about a girl named Shen Ning.


Hi..! Hope you are doing great!! Shall i steal your precious time for a minute?! I have wrote a new story, "when wang met Rani" check out this!! please give it a try if you would like to continue then its my pressure.. I hope you won't get dispointed!
          The story is based on two generations, one is present story and other one is true history of king suro(korean king) and hwangok (sembavalam tamil queen).. Don't judge soon about the story, its going to be very historical and boring.. Story is filled with many twist and turns, true history, adventure, and love. 
          Check out this book and give your valuable comments.. thanks in advance!!