Hello!! If you follow my Instagram you probably know the reason why I made this account lol but anyways I post short haikyuu fics or wtv😁
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Stories by hqsmau
Starooze || Haikyuu by hqsmau
Starooze || Haikyuu
Starooze- not only a five star bar, but secretly a gay club; the volleyball equivalent for setting up the Hai...
Tsukkiyama nsfw|| One shot by hqsmau
Tsukkiyama nsfw|| One shot
In which Yamaguchi cheers Tsukishima up after coming home from a long & annoying day at work ;)
Kagehina||sexting by hqsmau
kagehina sexting cuz bitches on instagram keep reporting my shit🙄 this was my only way out y'all😩🤝 [I was...