uk. hufflepuff.

lover of
every kind of dog,
how i met your mother,
spencer reid, conspiracy
theories, murder mysteries,
brooklyn 99, the good place,
adam driver, buzzfeed
unsolved, tom holland,
and rather pointless
personality quizzes

i don't hate a lot of things, but i absolutely despise
coffee, cats, myself, vanilla
icecream, writer's block,
literally all vegetables

hi i'm terrible when it comes to being a ghost-reader, not responding to comments, and actually being active, so don't get your hopes up if you're reading a story of mine, especially around exam season. however, i do hope you enjoy my works (and their many mistakes seeing as i never actually proof-read), and if there's anyone actually reading this after all the other rubbish i've just said, i hope you have a great day!!

(i feel strangely rude writing this but hey, gotta do what i gotta do you know) so i'm totally up for constructive criticism, or just ideas for my existing fics, but i don't take writing requests! sorry :)

pms always open :)
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