"Nope. No. I am done with this. I am done with ALL OF THIS" -20 yr old me, some time before my last semester in college

i've always been in love with the color green. i wasn't surprised when i realized i'm a sucker for green eyes *coughkarlieklosscough*. that's why i thought Lauren would change my whole life when i knew Fifth Harmony back in mid 2015. so color me surprise when Camila was the one to shook my life.

hi, i'm a paiiinfully shy introvert who can be quite... talkative... on chat.

i'm gonna have to say no to other 5h ships because, camren all the way!

okay, storytime! back in 2015
camren was the first real life ship i ever boarded ("real life" as in, not between fictional characters). i was so in love with their love for each other. i'd always get butterflies when they look at each other or even stand/sit next to each other, and they did these cute things together like aaaaaaaakillmenowandi'ddiehappyaaaaaaaaaa.

... now, 2018. i see camren in real life, and... i don't know anymore.

i realize now that as i continue to read all these camren fanfics, i'm no longer shipping two real people. i'm now shipping two fictional characters; characters that i made up in my mind, with camren as their portraits; characters that i made up in my mind, based on the different stories i've read; characters that i made up in my mind, because the camren i see in real life today, was not the camren i saw back then, was not the camren i wanted to see.

can i even call myself a camren shipper when this is what i think about them now? i don't know for sure.

heck, i dunno if i can even call myself a 5h fan cuz i dun even know their favorite color (cuz theirs in the many stories i've read were not at all consistent)

but what i do know is the fact that what camren started, inspired so many people to write these amazing stories.

!reading lists under construction! +i'm gonna be a good library to y'all+
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