in case i have any marauders fans on here, go check out my slowburn fic following the marauders spanning over the course of their seven years at hogwarts and into the war too! link in my bio too :)


@infinitely_finite STOP I JUST FINISHED READING THIS IT'S INCREDIBLE ?! i loved this so much *millions and millions of heart-eye emojis*


Hi! Hope you don’t mind checking out my story! :)
          Falling in love and living a High School love story is the last thing that Carter Mills wants to be a part of. 
          Carter's life has been flipped upside down after he is sent to live with his stepmother and his stepsisters after a family tragedy. But in between the stress of school and a new home, Carter is somehow able to develop an undeniable love with one of his best friends. In fear of his life changing even more, Carter pulls out, leaving his love and fear of coming out trapped within.


Would love to see another book continuing Brook and Hale’s story! Especially seeing how things develop with Brook and his family. The story was amazing and makes me wonder if any romance I ever have will be as beautiful and poetic as what I just finished reading. Truly one of the best books I’ve ever read. I’d definitely buy it in a book shop! You’re amazing!!!