mortemor, also known as the malevolent artificer, represents an entity of primordial darkness, conceived from the collective malevolence pervading the cosmos. existing since time immemorial, mortemor's existence predates the concepts of good and evil. his ever-changing form, marked with shifting, chaotic tattoos, embodies the universe's deepest, darkest desires and sadistic inclinations.

this entity thrives upon the instigation of fear, suffering, and malevolence, reveling in the torment inflicted upon mortals and supernatural beings alike. the pursuit of ever-heightened sadistic pleasures and the propagation of chaos and depravity constitute mortemor's primary motivations.

in his interactions with other beings, mortemor remains a pariah within the pantheon of deities and supernatural entities. he possesses no allies but has earned a multitude of adversaries. his modus operandi revolves around toying with and tempting his enemies with their darkest desires, transforming them into involuntary agents of his malevolence.

the malevolent artificer's realm, the ebon abyss, is a nightmarish dimension characterized by perpetual suffering and torment. this labyrinthine expanse houses grotesque torture chambers, ever-shifting landscapes, and malevolent creatures, serving as the stage for his sadistic experiments and horrors.

mortemor has extended his influence to modify traditional creatures of the night, such as vampires and werewolves. his vampires can drain the hope and happiness of their victims, leaving them in perpetual despair, while his werewolves are cursed to lose control and revel in their brutal savagery.
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