To the ones who are worried about 'Bonbon', I didn't delete it but put it in my drafts. I will work on it and edit a lot of the story since I wrote this a long time ago and that my writing and grammar was even worse back then.
          	I will improve the storyline and grammar then republish it if I am satisfied and comfortable enough, but I hope that the one who made a tiktok about it deletes it. I hate that app for a reason, so I do not want anything about me or my work to be there. 


@jikookie17 My dear favourite writer.Bon Bon is my favourite story without any doubt and your english is just amazing.I don't think it is necessary to edit it again but if you say so then okay.I believe in you and in Bon Bon.But I have a question.I read this story about a year ago and read it again four months ago.But I did not find the part that Y/n 's "father" finds out about their relationship and fights with Jungkook.It was really my favourite part and I don't know why but when I did not see it I kind of got scared.If you will edit the book again,then please put that part inside for one more time.Thank you my dear writer.✊


THANK YOUUU. love you!!! 


@jikookie17 you're a great author tho and it was a really good story! Thank you for informing us tho.. 


With being farely new to k-pop and k-drama (18 months) I spent some time trying to figure out who Joonha is, until I saw a comment that he is completely fictional.  You’re so talented with your writing, genuinely thought and I am disappointed he isn’t real . 
          You could absolutely do a series based around Joonha and Jungkook.


@MerryStitch there is one Muffled groans in that ff they are dad and son and it's quite fun