Heyy it’s me, your beloved author-nim, jisung_clouds. 
          	My sincere apologies for releasing this notice so abruptly, but I have chosen to leave Wattpad. When I first started this journey, I knew there would be a period of time where I need to stop. And I guess that time is now.
          	I've been contemplating this for a long time, and believe it's past time for me to make a decision. Although I cannot guarantee my return, I believe that for the time being, I must concentrate on myself. I’ve changed a lot in the past year; I am no longer the enthusiastic person who posts chapters regularly. 
          	Maybe I knew that I needed to stop— that it’s time this journey comes to an end, but for the longest time, I’ve been holding on to a rope, refusing to let go; I didn’t want to leave you all. But I guess that rope snapped.
          	Really, the last year and a half had been beautiful. You guys are my coping mechanism—all of the comments have aided me in getting through so many difficult times, and I am really grateful for that. Thank you to you all who took the time to read my work. 
          	You see, that fervent desire I had when I initially began writing here, as well as my desire to post every day, is fading with the passage of time. What was once pleasure has become responsibility, and what was once excitement has become emptiness.
          	I will keep my books published, for they are beautiful memories of mine, just like jisung_clouds will be of yours. 
          	Really, thank you for everything.
          	Goodbye, loves.


@jisung_clouds it's been a year since u left. I'm leaving today. miss u author-nim !! <3


@jisung_clouds I'm like, super late, but honestly, I'll miss you so much. I hope you take care of yourself and come back sooner <3 you have my best wishes ❤️


I'm really late, and it broke my heart knowing one of my favorite author has left and possibility of you coming back is minimal, so I hope you have a great future ahead of you. please take care! and thanks for leaving your stories up so we, I and others can still read it. the road here has ended for you! I will be waiting for your comeback when the time comes for the time being, good bye <3


Dear author-nim,
          Its been quite a while since you left wattpad and i just wanna say tahnk you for those amazing stories that you created. Father's day and wgm were one of my first books i read from you. Youre really amazing. And we miss you so muchhh ah- im crying but if you ever do get around wattpad and hapoen to see this, i want to say thank you, and we miss youu❤


dear author-nim.
          i don't know if u still ever check Wattpad but if u do pass by this message, i want to say thanks. your books are amazing, and truthfully i'm sad that i got to know ur acc just about last month. if u ever read this, i hope u r doing well in life, achieve a lot of things as well. that's it i guess. <3
          ps: my favs are Father's Day and WGM