Hi everyone,
          	This is me writing my first message over here.
          	Can someone please give me good book recommendation, like please can u help me.
          	I m looking for something supernatural with a good plot and romance.
          	(Lets c of anyone will even answer this¯\_(ツ)_/)
          	Thank u so much for ur time *bows*


@kanhaislove hey so sorry to pop here like this.
          	  But can you please read my book "Edge Of Sunshine" .
          	  It'd mean a lot.
          	  Stay happy and healthy ❤


@ashu3000 thank you for your mention ✨❤️


@kanhaislove you have? That's so sweet❤❤❤ you know what, try @trickycrayon 's reading list, she have like 31 reading list, very organised, you'll definitely find something there, i recently followed her


Hello there!!
          Hope you are doing well and I'm sorry for posting a message without your permit. 
          If you got time please check out this story I promise this story won't disappoint you.
          It would be very appreciable if you vote and comment on it.
          Hey and it's okay if you don't like it you still can share your opinion.


Sorry, for hampering your space.
          Here is my one-shot story. I tried something different. And it will consume less of your time ;-) 
          Please, check it and give a vote and leave comments if it will worth that :-)
          Happy Reading...
          If you would like give it a space in your reading list and share it with your friends