"forever has seven letters, but so does goodbye." 

hi, i'm arielle (or jieun, if you would prefer my korean name...... which you probably don't......), sixteen and dumb. i attend an international school in korea and my favourite (english ones, at least, pmsl) bands ??? ?? are probably the summer set, the cab, the 1975, against the current and 5sos, lol. i'm korean-american and a very [ clears throat ] emotional person, which means - basically i spend most of my time reading angsty af fics or watching sad as hell kdramas and crying my eyeballs out. don't ask, it's just a thing. haha. nervous laughter. i haven't spent much time on this site yet, but don't be afraid to hmu! i hide in dms a lot. yes.

&! 가슴 (romanized as kaseum) : is a korean phrase that stands for chest physically, sometimes used to refer to one's heart. 가슴이 아파요 (kaseumi apayo) is an example of its usage, meaning my chest / heart hurts, both literally and figuratively.
  • seoul, south korea.
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