"I couldn't help it my inner white girl was screaming so I asked dad to get me a starbucks lmao"

"My collarbone, my neck, my back, my legs and my hips hurt why does this always happen"

"Just take a moment
"To breathe
"And reflect on your actions"

"ok go sit on the naughty step thatS EnoUgh"

"jimin looks so soft... then u see the timbs... chim, no...."

"yoongi's facial expressions throughout the whole thing is the funniest thing im wheezing aisdhas"

"hoseok is wearing so much adidas i might as well call him a try-hard jock
"hoseok looks like a try-hard jock again lmao don't @ me

"yoongi is the real seagull pale ass bitch keeps flappin goddamn"

"jimin is the true muscle pig in this don't @ me
"jimin is like lechon"

"if I don't go Starbucks today my inner pure white girl will scReaM akksjsjsj"

"also jimin looks like an angry man child in the danger dance practice"

"i meant 'abs' as in jin's 'abs'ence of lines"

"jungkook the all black wearin noodle... dan, is that you?
"jungkook is the angriest egg noodle to ever live jesus"

"mm yes hoseok get that asian squat"

"he is not a baby if he's wearing a choker thicker than jinyeong's ass bitch"

"i thought the smallest thing was a thong tbh
"the string would go up your ass
"but iTd givE yOu a wEdgIe"

"there are french students coming tomorrow FUCJ YE HOT BOYS"

"what's lisha when she rides her boyfriend... daddy ryder"


"did you mean: daddy"

"what about park-that-ass-on-my-lap-jimin"

"the lap dance and the strip tease"

"jk i gave the ginger kid from little einsteins stook in my head"

"it definitely doesn't sound like first kiss it sounds like loss of virginity"

"im gay in the ass help my soul"
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