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          If you are interested in forbidden love story with a twist in destiny. The typical badboy with all the bad traits falling in love with a sweetheart who is already engaged. See the journey of their eternal love and the unfolding of their past. The secrets of their past which can change their life.
          She is his butterfly, soft, naive and fragile.
          He is the one to make her feel butterflies, ruthless, rude and heartless. 
          ☑️ Forced marriage 
          ☑️ Obsession 
          ☑️ College love story 
          ☑️ Angst
          ☑️ Abusive content 
          ☑️ Badboy X Sweet girl
          ☑️ Age gap
          ☑️ Desi X Videshi
          ☑️ Replacement
          ☑️ He fell first and harder
          ☑️ Green forest for her and a red hot iron for others