Heyo, Purples! I am Annie Scarlett(You can call me Lil'Meows Wife 😌💞),
8900 days old on earth👻 Scorpion ♏
Slytherine🐍 Alpha-Vampire🐺🧛‍♀️
Love everything about BTS💜💜💜👇

Yoongi biased but have a little affair like thing with Namjoon(⁠─⁠.⁠─⁠|⁠|⁠)- Meaning Joonie is my bias wrecker┐⁠(⁠ ̄⁠ヘ⁠ ̄⁠)⁠┌
Jeon Jungkook- My annoying big brother with whom I always fight in my books.┻⁠┻⁠︵⁠¯⁠\⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠/⁠¯⁠︵⁠┻⁠┻
Park Jimin- My sexy cutie lovely bro-in-law,
Jin- Big bro
Hoseok and Taehyung are my man Agust-D's men!
I respect every ship but my heart feels tingly for some ships they are:

BTS ships:

Jikook: My ultimate ship.
Vhope/Taegi: My 2nd fav!
Namjin: It's a must(Universally accepted).
Sope/Taejin: So cute🤭

TXT ships: Soogyu, Yeonbin, Taegyu.
I am in a war to know which is my fav ship in Enyphen and Seventeen, will announce the result after I win the war.

My ultimate legendary ship is YiZhan.

I am a big Thai BL series fan so, yeah I love all those ships.
I even ship all hot anime guys and even in-game characters.

I am busy in shipping all the hot guys and that's why I am sure I will be single for eternity 🙆🏻‍♀️

My dear, little Lovelies and Purples! I maybe an introvert outside but I am quite an extrovert in Watty.

So, don't shy away from talking with me. I love to chat with and listen to your babblings cause I am a self-proclaimed great listener!

I maybe late sometimes due to notification delay or by some work but I will reply for sure, so if you please spam my DM's I would love it.

You can also talk to me on my other social media accounts.
Instagram: frozens_fractal
Twitter: lilmeows_wife
Pinterest: anniescarlett9

🚫 Translations of my works without my permission is not acceptable❌
If you see any one translating my books please do inform me!!⚠️

Borahae, All Army's around the world💜
Combined Backup Acc: @7SevenForever7
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Hey, my lovely little Purples! How are you all? Missed me? First of all, Happy Yoongi Day to you all.And I am sorry for taking this long to come back. I am fine don't worry, it's just that I have t...
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