Hey bitch! Wait. No NO! Before you get offended and leave me here alone(I'm pretty sure no one's gonna get offended but what can I say the internet's a sensitive place╮(╯_╰)╭), I use it to address the people I love. Yes ily :) ( i call myself a bitch too so you should consider yourself special cause it took me great effort to love myself and don't ask why I call myself a bitch because idk-) godddd I ramble a lottttt well...um.. I think this is the part where I should tell you something about me.
*My bio is sooo cringey I know but i can't make myself to delete it. I wrote it when I was 15 and for some reason this is so nostalgic to me*


❥ dreamer ♡ In love with loveeee.
❥ loud introvert
♡F.A.I.T.H and floating are my favourite books in Wattpad.
❥Caraval is my favourite book series.
♡ Folklore and evermore are my favourite albums. Ahh they make me feel so many things.
❥ My favourite series are awae, tvd, to caos, sab and st. My fav anime and manga is kamisama kiss. ♡Pluviophile,Nephophile, melophile, bibliophile.♡
My sexuality in two words RINI's music
❥My fav singer is shawn freaking mendes! I even had a fan account in ig but not anymore. I guess I grew up (lol im still only 15)(16!) (17!!)(18!!!)
♡ Cloudy days and starry nights are the best.
❥I used to be obsessed with horror movies untill I realised I was the only 12yo who needed someone to accompany them to the bathroom at night.
♡Physically -18 Mentally can be 5,18(rare),28and 69 (◠‿◕)

And yeah I'm kraaaaaaazy!

It's a pirate life for me, savvy?
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kraazyhuman kraazyhuman Nov 13, 2022 04:24PM
Tomorrow's my first day of college! I can't believe how fast life is going. Miss you all
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