Hey! I'm sorry for the scare, the issue was solved, but I will stop coming here, so if anything happens, I won't know and therefore won't fix it, but I wish for the best.
          	Anyway, enjoy!


Please write a story about the dark year that you've mentioned when leo and matt broke up. It really drives me crazy and i read this story for the 14th time (no kidding). I wanted tonknow who they dated and why it happened and what made them date other people. Pleaseeee. 


Omg i just backread and i just saw your post that this account had been deleted. Thank you for the wonderful story and i hope you are well. XOXO


Hello, I’m a small writer currently working on a book. I really like your writing style and would greatly appreciate it if you gave the first couple chapters a read. I’m bran new to this and would greatly benefit from any constructive criticism you might have.


you should write a story about harry and carter from your other story


@innocent_honeyb33  Yah, it would be real fun considering their characters


 I was just about to say that! I would love a story for Harry


Hello to the few people that follow, I just want to thank everyone that read my book, it meant more than some of you know, but, as of tomorrow, my account will be deleted.
          I just want to try and warn you in case some wanted to read the book. I dont even know if most of you will see this, but I'm trying anyway.
          Thank you, guys!


@lady-writer-2000 why is that? You gpt the best BxB novel I ever.T^T please do have another copy of your story. It's worth re-reading even thousands of times.T^T


@lady-writer-2000 why???
             don't delete
            some of us re-read the book all the time