I completely fell in love with The Witch and the Dragon. I just wish there were more parts in the book where we can see more chemistry between the two. It felt almost rushed but other then that absolutely amazing. Ugh fave book rn. I don’t want to annoy you and just say sequel now please but I think it’ll be amazing to see how Alannah becomes a powerful witch with a dangerous (maybe even overprotective) dragon by her side. Anyways just want to remind u I love ur work 


@snugglepuffle I'm with her on this one
            I also love your book but can you please post a sequel on wattpad


Hi I know it's a lot to ask and this isn't my book but I'm just trying promote it for some the authors. They didn't ask me to but I'd like to do a good deed.
          Will you please check it out and share if possible?



Your book, The Witch and The Dragon has been illegally put on Amazon by a person named "serdar kan"
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I really loved the first few chapters of the witch and the dragon! It's not only witty but it's also a really cool spin on fairy tale tropes and I absolutely loved it!
          (Also fun to see other Avatar fans on here! I think firebenders are really cool, especially with bending lightning :D )


@aero_wizard YAAAS an avatar fan!! Me too <3 so cool and so pretty. Also thank you so much!!