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Proud lesbian
Young writer
New-er to writing fanfiction

➪What my profile is about➪

I've decided to dedicate my profile to LGBTQ+ content, I will be doing ships, male x male reader, female x female reader, and any character x non-binary reader. I find it hard to find LGBTQ+ content on Wattpad without it being sad or lemons, so I've tried to solve my problem, and I hope I've solved yours too.

⚠︎︎ I won't be doing ⚠︎︎



My Hero Academia


The Promised Neverland


Demon Slayer

Bungou Stray Dogs

Yuri!!! On Ice

(Message me if you want another fandom, any is cool, I'd just need to quickly watch/read the first bit of it first)

✔︎ finished stories ✔︎

None so far :)

dsmp and lovejoy obsessed :]
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