"There are approximately 1010300 words in the English language, but I could never string enough words together to properly explain how much I want to hit you with a chair"

Uh hi there 👋🏽
You've probably seen me comment somewhere which is how you ended up here (sorry not sorry 'bout what I said🤭✌🏽)

Um, if you want some recommendations just check out my first two reading lists 'Favourites <3' and 'good books', those are the books I've read and really liked/loved

(P.s. I'm sorry if I've seemed... awkward ig? I have social anxiety so yeah🙈)

Here' a bit about me since you're still reading:
》I'm 18
》I'm a pisces ♓
》I go by she/her but use whatever, I honestly don't mind (and if I call you dude I mean no offense to anyone, I call everyone dude)
》I'm panromantic asexual
》I'm an INTP
》I have terrible eyesight, a bad sense of direction and I'm very forgetful #triplethreatlmao
》I love reading books, yaoi manga, watching anime and kpop
》My absolute favourite anime is One Piece (although I'm still catching up)❤
》My second favourite is Haikyuu (I just love all my babies sm💖)
》Fictional characters are better than real people, just saying💅🏽
》I'm a multi-shipper, just give some fanart or a good book about a ship and I'll probably fall in love with it
》My music ranges from the Holy Emo Trinity to Alec Benjamin to NF to 2000's/2010's pop to Doja Cat and Meg Thee Stallion to Kpop to Blackbear... so yeah, I listen to all sorts of music
》I love art and nature/scenic photography
》I've been told many times that I'm going to hell and I just wanna say, "Bitch I'll have a throne in hell" *does sassy clicking motion*

So umm.....yeah, imma just slowly back away into my corner and overthink everything 🙃

If you read all that, I'm sorry🙏🏽😁😂
Here have a cookie, everyone likes cookies 🍪 🍪 🍪
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