Okay so I just logged into wattpad for the first time in a while. When did Queen of Tricks get taken down, how the hell did it end up on Amazon, and does anyone know what I should be doing about this? 
          	Lol thanks


@lonediva please bring the story back…it was the only reason I stayed on wattpad.


@lonediva I'm dying to read it again. Please post it here again. I'm also so sorry about your book being stolen, it's just horrible.


@lonediva On Amazon, you can report your stolen book here: https://www.amazon.com/report/infringement. You would need to have an Amazon account, though.


I’m sorry for what happened to you and it was not right of them to do that to you. But you should try thinking about publishing it yourself? Show them how your not gonna stand down and do whatever they want with your book. Please consider it. I’m sure you’ve seen everyone else’s comments and how much support you would get if you did! I’m not telling you to repost it in here because it could get plagiarised again and I’m sure you’re tired of dealing with the problems it comes with that. But to try and actually selling it! I know I would definitely buy it in a heart beat and I’m sure everyone else would too! I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put in with this book. I read it all throughout school and got me through some dark places. So thank you for all of you’re hard work in making this book. But please consider on what I said! Please!


Dear lonediva, 
          I am a huge fan of your book 'Queen of Tricks'. The last time I read it was last year, and it's been a busy year but I cam to Wattpad after an year just to read it. I couldn't believe it was taken down. I saw that you were facing a lot of problems, and apparently the book was taken down from Amazon. Whoever plagiarized your book is a (excuse me for my language) bitch. I hope you are feeling better now that it has been taken down.
          Me and many other fans are waiting for you to repost the book. I'm not kidding when I say this, but that book is literally my medicine. Please kindly repost it. 
          Thank you