Ello day tripper who has clumsily tripped into my weird page my names Elizabeth but please call me Lizzy or Beth doesn't matter I luv to talk so pm me anytime 😉

I am a Beatlemanic with a bad case of Beatlemania and I'm proud of it ☺️😝😂

I like all the boys equally but Paul and John are my favourites I think

Got to see Macca in concert no other night could be better than that one

I also obsess over the Monkees a lot too❤️

Something you should know :
•I Facepaulm A LOT !
• I absolutely fricken love horror stuff and do believe in ghosts ( don't judge me please)
•I don't really like anything from the present and I hate to think what the world has come to it honestly scares me and the satanic noise is almost to much ( music ) along with trump the Cheeto
•if you like JB , drake , one direction or any other bad new a days "singer "you might wanna leave now .....fast .....

I like:
Yea chocolate duh
History and English class
Anything English , Irish and Scottish or German
Music ( of coarse )
FOOD😃makes me really happy
Piano and all the other instruments I play but pianos the best 😂
Art ( sketching ) is my thing ✏️

I'm a weird Aquarius with a Virgo rising sign and pisces moon ,so deal with it if not then you might as well leave

John and Cyn were literally the cutest together 💝

I also will be moving to Liverpool England when I'm older and inventing or try to anyways or going to test the first time machine

Our Flag: █♪█
Our President: John Lennon 💚
Vice President: Paul McCartney 💙
Our Secretary of State: George Harrison 💜
Our Speaker of the House: Ringo Starr❤️
Our language: Liverpudlian.
Our anthem: Hey Jude.
Our Country: Beatleville.
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  • Liverpool England 1962
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