Hi everyone! How are you all? ^^ 
          	Seokjin's Touch is officially done! Thank you for loving his story :) As I mentioned on Instagram, I will NOT be continuing with the remaining members' stories (that is, Jimin, Namjoon and Jungkook). I know so many of you were excitedly waiting for them but I'm sorry! :( I just don't have time to write anymore... I will also be focusing on myself and it's been really stressful (I'm sure other uni graduates are feeling it at the moment too). 
          	Thank you for loving my stories and always supporting me and encouraging me ^^ It means a lot. I hope you all stay safe and take good care of yourself. 
          	P.S. Maybe one day I will come back and complete the remaining stories but for now, I won't be doing any writing :( Anyways, thank you for everything! Good luck to other graduates who are job hunting as well! Continue to love and support all 7 members ^^ Goodbye for now! x


@luvyaselfu I totally understand! I'll wait for your to write again but if you don't, I'll just imagine all of them have their happy endings  That Jimin still love Miyoung, Namjoon got together with Jihye and Jungkook met Dohee and it's all flowers and love in the end  So no pressure! Don't worry too much and go take a step forward on your life, I wish you the best ☺
          	  Thank you for writing such heart touching and realistic stories I have ever read 


@luvyaselfu your stories are the only English stories that I am reading here at watty hahaha anw thank youuu for creating such amazing stories!❤


I've read Hoseok bride, Taehyung fear, Seokjin touch, Yoongi love, jhope proposal and everything, suga jealousy.. They all were so so great. I'm hooked with the way you describe write the characters and their emotions. The details are just perfect. They are not too much or too less. The dialogues, the emotions it was all up to point.
          I want to read Namjoon's mark, Jimin's smile and Jungkook's euphoria story too. Hope one day when you come back, you'll finish these off.
          Till then, I hope you achieve your dreams and fulfill your every wish. ❤