she’s back at it again with another book. surprise surprise. this one is prewritten so it’ll all be up between the 20th and the 23rd. it’s a rumpelstiltskin retelling (bear with me). hope y’all enjoy! 


@matemenot This is the first time I am writing to an author. You know before I started reading I followed because u seem like such a down to earth person...idk if I am using the right word buttt i am just tryna say that I  liked ur personality.  Anyways, the book was so good. Words could not describe how i felt reading your book. Though, like other ppl i was excepting a happy ending and was torn between content and sadness when that did not happen. ngl it was quite short and i would have loved more time w our amazing main characters. to be quite frank though i didnt love the main characters but i loved their relationship and how much they both loved each other and the sacrifice she made at the end. i dont really see that in other stories. Anyways i have talked for too long but I hope for a sequel and hope u continue to write. 
          	  btw i just realized i didnt say what book i was talking abt. its about gold weaver


@matemenot they deserve a happy ending 


@matemenot Please let them live happily ever after. I mean, I loved the original(especially the sex)... But it shattered my heart. In both the good and bad ways.