Hey, I just want to say thanks for your stories!
          They heal me. When I read it , don't feel anxiety or stress
          I read My Rosemary in January, really love it! This story has a place in my heart 
          Now I'm reading story with peaky blinders, your writing >>>>>>>>>>>


thank you so much, your words mean the world to me <3 @mallikosha88


Yesterday I finished the lost malfoy. And let me tell you this book has made me laugh but also had me bawling my eyes out. In other words; This book Is AMAZING  
          I loved it, now im gonna read another of your books, not sure which one yet tho 


thank you for your kind words, they mean so much <3! @LokisbjtchNL


Hello I have an idea for a Harry Potter postwar story, the love interest would be teddy
          tell me if you would be interested and I'll give you the complete idea


@rupiapp6 hey! right at this moment, i can't write anything new. i have one new story cooking up and then the ones i am currently writing and publishing. sorry :( but thank you so much for trusting me with an idea <3