-17 year old disaster
-Pansexual (also very far in the closet)
-Jedi Master
-Cabin 3
-Autumn Court
-August Virgo

Expert in: Panicking, Maladaptive daydreaming, Greek Mythology, Conspiracy theories (seriously, don't let me watch Ancient Aliens, I'll start a whole rant), Spirituality (well I'm learning), Dramatic Arts.

-I'm the literal definition of burnt out gifted child.
-Criminal Minds extraordinaire.
-Queen Petty.
-I love Astrology
-I'm a feminist because duh
-Black Lives Matter
-LGBTQ+ rights because they are people who deserve to live a good life
-I'm a reader
-My obsession with Greek Mythology has lead me to possess a freakish amount of knowledge on it
-So I'm not a witch but I'm educated enough to become one
-I will never pick between Marvel or DC, I will always love both
-My Star Wars obsession shocks many
-Okay so I'm also a hopeless romantic
-Quoting anything said by Sirius Black will result in my eyes becoming Niagara Falls

Who tf is this JK Rowling y'all talk about? The Harry Potter books were obviously enchanted to write themselves by Harry-oblivious-Potter.

I love Percy Jackson so much it physically pains me, I'm not even being dramatic. Don't even mention Jason Grace to me, I am trying not to cry. And Leo Valdez, my guy should not have found out that way. Uncle Rick really hit us where it hurt.

Ahsoka Tano deserved better and we all know it. She should have been in the sequels. No hate to Rey, she's cool and all that but I know I'm not the only one to see Palpatine realizing Ahsoka lived through it all.
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mia_mclean mia_mclean Nov 01, 2022 03:56AM
Happy Halloween guys, also happy 41st anniversary of the day our world came crashing down.
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