My nom de plume is Mikhaela Cruz.

I'm open to R4R, F4F! Just send me a message. I have been on Wattpad for several years as a lurker, but was recently inspired to write after bingeing romantic novels.

My dream is to write strong female Filipino main characters to show the world that Filipinas are more diverse, talented and smart than stereotypes would have us be.

I am 100% Filipina myself, and because of my education, upbringing and general preference, consider English as my primary language. I work full-time for an American company and all of my colleagues are Americans.

I can converse in Tagalog fluently, but never do justice to the language in writing. That will not, however, stop me from attempting to write novels in conversational Tagalog (crossing fingers, hoping for the best).

I am married have a kid, and two cats.
I am an introvert with social skills.

I appreciate you dropping by and look forward to seeing your comments on my book/s.
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