Why don’t French stories have the time thing in the description :(


ok i need help. ive been trying to find this book i started reading but lost it. its about how this girl is very broken and she got prego when she was a teenager but the baby got ran over by a truck and died  her best friend is a stripper and she wants to join her so she does and the boss is the love interest for her and hes apart of the mafia and her and her best friend see him shoot someone and he has to kidnap them and blah blah blah. OH and theyre really toxic. BUT I WAS LEFT AT A CLIFFHANGER


I think you’re thinking of taken captive by reyatutt


This is super random, but I’ve been trying to find this book for the past hour. It’s a mafia romance where the couple falls in love quickly, and then FMC finds out the MMC has been cheating on her, so she ends up killing the mistress. There's also a plot where the FMC finds out she's the mafia boss’s daughter, and the MMC goes to prison, and she takes over the mafia. Does anyone know a book like this??? I'm starting to feel like I made it up!!


Hi! I just wanted to say I have a book out called "Prurience" it's a mafia romance, and 18+ well, I'm sure people under 18 read it, so just letting you know it has 18+ content. It's my first book, so I don't know if it's all that good, but it's going pretty well right now.