omg !
          	omg ! thinking of something good for my 2k follower achievement,, , hehe
          	what if i disappear 


@mndotjp i don't want the fanfic to end i read it since it started and i don't want to say goodbye to the first fanfic i ever read


@ mndotjp  oh okay thank youu! 


@Kayoruu the fanfic is not finished yet ^^ it is updating. there are 10 or less chapters before i end it. thank you for reading!


Just came back to see any updates and I've seen the rest of the other's messages on your board, rest well thank you for the nostalgia you've given me reading your books and thank you for all of your hard work and time to create them too. Rest well author <3


Hello Rel, I hope you Rest in peace and fly high, I love your books their amazing, I really hope I had a talent as good as yours, i hope you shall live well in your next life, Rest in peace, your now my new favorite author


I wrote a letter to you because i want to translate it, i’ve always wonder why is so long for you respond. And now, i realize it.
          Dear author
          I really, really love your book. It’s make me smile, cry and many reaction
          Thank you so much, for wrote the story. Hope you Rest In Peace, angel


          I've never really interacted here but after seeing the other messages here and under your fanfics to find out you've now become a beautiful star in the sky... Ada meliora is my favourite fanfic (cuz king Circe) by you and I really liked undercover and like the wind. You're one of my favourite authors especially for genshin impact fanfics, and your writing style is awesome and it even helped me improve my writing and English grades in school by reading your fanfics! I really hope you're doing well up there and I hope your loved ones are doing good as well. May God bless you and your loved ones. I hope your fans and I get the opportunity to meet you in another life.. till then, so long author..


How did they pass away? Also how do you know?


Dear Author,
          It broke my heart when I wrote the other messages I didn't know you had passed away, anyway, I'm currently reading your Kenma one it's quite long but I'll give support, so far your books are so awesome the way it's written is amazing especially the kazuha one it was a rollercoaster ride with lots of shocks and plot twists 
          you probably won't see this tho but that's alright we'll continue to support you even if you're gone, rest in peace author, thank you for writing such amazing books. fly high & sending loves and support for you family but I'm probably late already.
          A fan of your works.