Here is the key to my reading lists: also I've never seen anyone categorising their stories as an album so I'm gonna say that I'm original💅

Golden- golden finds, comfort fics or ones I often rr (many of which are underrated so take that as a sign to READ THEM!) [a lot of stories in the other categories also end up here as this is a very open category; a mix of everything really]

Watermelon Sugar- prolly smut let's be honest🤠

Adore you- fics that carried my mental health when nothing else could

Lights up- short euphoric cute stories (maybe a lil smut but not always)

Cherry- slow burn(or slow burn ish) but sooo worth it (trust me bro)

Falling- self explanatory, connect the dots (yeah, it's gonna be sad)

To be so lonely- other ships or smth

She- Mabye fem? (Idk I haven't thought this far oopsies)

Sunflower, vol 6- stories that consist of them making their way back to eachother, mabye stories of their past or something (or just soulmate shiii)

Canyon moon- hype fics (I made this so it would be easier for some people to access fics that are more known of/ heard of with less effort)

Treat people with kindness- fics I have a love hate relationship with. Mabye the author was on crack bc these have some weird plots- still appreciate them tho

Fine line- not even sad at this point. No thoughts, head empty. [Some stories somehow make it onto falling AND fine line but I wouldn't advise you to read those unless you have the mental capacity of like a heartless person]
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mothertruckerimgay mothertruckerimgay Jun 26, 2022 08:58AM
I know that when Harry sings “I’m so over whites and pinks” it’s about wine but the fact that it’s the fine line colours just cannot seem to leave my brain and it isn’t good…
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