I’ve tried to write more for Alpha’s Disobedient Mate… and I can’t find where I saved the file :’)) sorry for the ever-increasing delay, I’m searching for my missing file~ 


Hi , I read the old chapters 1-6 that were 1st person are you going to make another book with it completed in 1st person POV ? Xx


Hey there!  I hope you're doing well. I wanted to reach out and introduce myself – I'm a newbie writer on Wattpad, and I just posted my first book! ✨ It's been an exciting journey so far, and I'd love it if you could check it out and be a part of my writing adventure. 


Hello  I just want to say I love your books. I have read 3 of them (one unfinished) and I love them!!!!! You are now among my favorite Authors!!!! I hope college is going well for you and I feel your pain for always being busy do I to am in college. Anyhow you are amazing and thank you for sharing your creativity on a free sight where I can read it!!!! I adore you and your writing truly. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Hi Author 
          I hope you’re fine. I am really interested in your stories but before I start I want to know about if there is any cheating or Other women drama or sad ending in any of your stories? I absolutely adored werewolf stories but when I found cheating in them it became very scary for me to read them without knowing if there were any kind of cheating or Other Women drama or sad ending involves. So please if you can please help.


Author are you ever going to update the "Alpha's Disobedient Mate"???? It's literally been years and honestly it's really unprofessional of you to not finish what you started and super annoying to your readers that are waiting with no explanation


Hi Rachel, it’s actually not unprofessional for someone who writes as a hobby and publishes for free! I am human, with a life, and I am under absolutely no obligation to anyone to continue writing as it is. Please remember the authors behind the screen are humans with lives who probably aren’t being paid for the work they’re putting out if it’s on a website like wattpad or other fanfiction sites. Have a lovely day!