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@myyyraaa_ Hey Author...I know that you won't appreciate me(a reader) messaging you in this manner..but tbh I am missing your stories...legit I am re-reading them...I want to ask you are there any plans that you will continue writing more books..actually your MMCs are green forests in terms of their FMCs who are penned as independent and mentally strong and I really love all your short stories...just wanted to know if you will plan to continue Ishq Afsaane or start with any other book.
          	  I really appreciate your books..and your writing methods...hence this is an Appreciation + Anquiry message...THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING BOOKS.


Hey, Tina this side! 
          If your intrest brims into these tropes, try my novel you may like it.
          T R O P E S
          •Muder Mystery
          • Bestfriend to Lovers 
          • Single Dad 
          • Second Chance 
          • Grovelling
          • Sunshine x Reverse Grumpy 
          • Bold FL
          • Forced Marriage
          • Desi Romance
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Hey, sorry for posting here but i am past the desperate line. My story was deleted by wattpad and i lost all the views. So I am starting again. So please check out my story.
          *Also I changed my username from authorahalya to fictuationship*
          Sisters before misters
          Family drama
          Soft romance 
          Couple 1 tropes
          Arranged marriage 
          Marriage in crisis
          Reverse Grumpy x sunshine 
          She fell first but he fell harder
          Doctor× Doctor 
          Couple 2 tropes 
          Childhood friends to lovers 
          Friends with benefits 
          Sunshine couple
          He fell first and harder


Hello readers, I'm new here and starting to write my own for the first time. Tomorrow I'll be posting the first chapter. If you are interested in tropes like brother's bestfriend, one side love, bestfriends to lovers, etc. Yo should give my story a look. To know more about my story check my Instagram account- @dallakitty_17
          Here's my story


Hey author sorry to post without your prior permission. 
          Hey guys I'm new writer show me some support by giving my book a chance. Don't just put it in your reading list read atleast 2 to 3 chapters. Follow me for more. 
          It's dark romance read at your own risk.