Dear Wattpad,

I sincerely blame you for setting my standards of love too high. I blame you for making me expect this kind of love from real life. You're also the reason I might stay single for the rest of my life because my love standards are 📈 this high. I won't be able to date a guy who isn't like Nate, or Liam, or Mr. Ambrose, or Blake, or Caleb, or Cameron, or Hardin, or Chase, or Levi, or Grey, or Reese, or Ethan, or Noah, or Alrik, or Hudson, or (name to be added).

I also sincerely blame you for the fact that I won't be going to heaven for you've have made me into such a dirty minded person.

I love-hate you, Wattpad.

Yours lovingly,
Someone Who Needs Therapy
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