Man I miss Wattpad. 
          	How're you guys, if there's anyone active here?
          	It's been such a long time.  
          	Idk, I think I'm planning to come back here with an original fic. Should I publish it here? Would you guys read it????


Most important question, does any of you remember me 


hi niha sorry for the late response (( if i'll be honest, things are little messy at the moment, but everything's going well for the most part. i just celebrated my birthday too, even though it doesn't feel that special anymore haha:')) hope you’re doing great yourself. i miss your stories 


Hey guys, 
          How are you?? 
          I hope y'all are doing good. 
          It's been a while and I'm working on some novels. What I'm also doing is taking writing commissions. If you want me to write anything, I can help.
          So reply to this message if you're interested :)


Hey lovelies,
          I have been inactive for so long for a few days. 
          I'm sorry but i have to leave Wattpad for good. 
          I haven't and won't stop writing but i don't think Wattpad is where I want to be anymore. 
          For those of you who wants to continue to follow and support me, please feel free to follow and message me Instagram. 
          ig: pocketeries (writing account), nihaverse (personal)
          I had a good time here and even though I didn't give up and wanted to write so many books here, i don't think I can write. Maybe I'll come here once in a while but i don't think I can stay here forever. 
          So i hope you guys have a good life ❤️


@pocketeries HOW could you do this?! *insert crying emoji*


Wishing you all the best, take care! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


a small token of kindness [18th october 2022] 
          dawn a soothsayer, a bride of doom; filled with bruises and exploited ceremoniously with venom. 
          own the ruin, the plum horizon; lungs wrapped in a veil, dripping with yesterday's childhood. 
          compulsed crimson, a yellow sun of a blue sky; jupiter sunset and a forced fate; a smile pushed. 
          telescope and hope, caul and ambedo; none with breaths but held to breasts; what are they i ask you oh layperson, what are they but a wet ground, nothing without seeds that you sow. 
          some apples of autumn ripen in baskets, in hands of bare veins; why not then your heart, one that you allow to decay in your chest? 
          children of soil, of dirt and death; musk in hearts poisoned by the snakes of mind. 
          tongues of meat, foiled with pillows of sin; with a darkness wild, with a moon of satan.
          a burning candle, a taste of soiling relief; spring is but a month, winter a mundane monster begging for everlasting love. 
          october ocean, free of burden; what is beneath it, let it melt into corals and pearls. not all fires reveal ashes, most reveal precious stones. 
          pelt intentions into blushing summer colours; into oaks that bless and bones that grow maroon flowers.
          lose not sugar, die not before the meadow ripens; earth parched, but air left unclothed. 
          home the bones, fracture the heart as it has abandoned you; let it betray, silently, like the water of the sea that asks it, how much salt it had to swallow to become a gentler beast.