Just letting everyone know that I am going through my dms and will be responding to those interested in being my editor as soon as possible (per the announcement in the recent chapter of Property of Xander King)! Thank you again for all of your patience :) 


this message may be offensive
@nojamsbts i would like to try. I read ur book "The Alpha's possession" in 2021 and then January of this year, in my country, Wattpad stopped working. It wouldn't let me log in and it was honestly shit for me cuz I relied on Wattpad to help me keep my sanity. As soon as Wattpad started working tho, which was June or July of this year, the first book I looked for was ur book. I couldn't find it bcuz u changed the cover so I raided the whole ass server looking for it. And I finally found it. Since then I've read all ur books, the mate novels, greed and the oneshots as well. The point is, ur an amazing author and I would honestly love to be ur editor. If u hv any other conditions, i would like to discuss them privately plz.


@nojamsbts I would like to edit for you


@nojamsbts I would like to try it out if you'll have me


Hey you said to ask if we can use your stories for inspiration and I have already written one kinda inspired by The Alpha and his Possession but its not posted on anything and just chillin in my google docs 
          is that ok?


Hey! As long as it’s not directly or indirectly plagiarizing my work such as word for word reiteration of my stories, my original characters, specific plot themes that I came up with, order of events particular to my work etc you’re fine! 


I am currently reading “The Alpha and his Possession” and absolutely love it. Unfortunately I read the series out of order,  and actually started with “ The Alpha’s Mute”
          In possession you said you also wrote under another Wattpad account. When I was looking through the comments, as far as I saw. you never mentioned what that username was. If you could share that @ username that would be great. You are are a great writer and I hope you continue to write amazing stories. 


Hi hope all is well? Really love the books and thanks for updating the next chapter.. hope you get a good editor to help and that we will be able to read a lot more of the book and hope you can write stories about how the rest of the Gang relationships end up


Helloo can you write other stories too like aiden and eros and Xavier and Easton...And im very interested in your work like obsessed with it so i hope its okay and im not troubling you..


I wonder if they are or they are just going to try to fit their stories in with Xanders and Jaylin 


I totally agree, I would love to see their stories


I feel sooooo stupid and I was so overwhelmed that I literally started crying when I saw that you published 13!!! Freaking 13 chapter of Xander-Jaylin book and I’m literally the last one to know T-T


Just wanted to tell you when I first read TAAHP I had a feeling that you where an Army when I saw May’s personality...
          And then I read the author’s name and I literally started jumping and laughing like crazy and my mum gave me that “wtf”look 
          SHE CANNOT BLAME ME!!!
          I realized this about three years ago(maybe?)
          Anyway.. love you :)