Hey everyone !!

identified as a she/her and a bisexual and biromatic graysexual/grayace individual. I'm loud and I'm proud baby 😌❤️

You've literally landed on the profile of a crazy person 😂
I honestly don't know how you ended up here but....welcome to my humble Adobe here on wattpad 😅
I'm a coffee addict and I love books of every kind....except maybe biographies...they suck
(no offense tho..I just don't like them..that's just my opinion)
I'm basically in love with books and anyone can tell that my fav genres are romance, fiction, fantasy and obviously dystopia
.......I love coffee...(it's my WHOLE life)
I'm in a serious need of book recommendations half the time because like...think of any popular book....and I've probably read it....

I love Percy Jackson, Hunger games, Divergent, Julie and the phantoms, Stranger things, Sherlock, miraculous ladybug, the vampire diaries and cute rom coms
god I could go on forever.... I love anything with drama, horror, mystery, fantasy, fiction or romance

I love songs...and my fav genre is probably pop but I listen to random stuff half the time....it's usually always a mix between rock, pop and indie 😂
I love singing and it's one of my fav hobbies....
I absolutely suck at every kind of sport except badminton and swimming
(I mean seriously I trip over freaking air and have the hand-eye coordination of a baboon....wait even they have a better hand-eye coordination than me )
I absolutely can't bear with rude male protagonists is books....cause ya know what they freaking suck.... I AM A HUGE FEMINIST AND I WILL DIE FOR THE CAUSE ✌️
But even though I can't with rude males....I still like reading werewolf and vampire romance 🤦🏻‍♀️...honestly, sue me.....
I'm as single as a Pringle baby and I'm freaking PROUD of it....yet another thing you should know about me...I'm weird as sh*t and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.....

Damn, writing this was weird....but I love the final work for some reason...toodles
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I am so broke I’ve resorted to earn coins through videos to read paid stories. Not saying it isn’t worth it cause The trade by ki stephs is goddamn amazing but reading a chapter a day IS P. A. I. N...
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