I was born with a dick in my brain!
Yah fucked in the head!
My step-father said that I sucked in the bed
till one night he snuck in and said-
"We're going out back! I want my dick sucked in the shed!"
Can't we just play with teddy ruxpin instead?
"After I Fuck you in the butt, get some head, bust a nut, get some rest"
The next day my mother said, "I don't know what the fucks up with the kid!
The bastard won't even eat nothing he's fed!
He just hung himself in the bedroom, he's dead!"
"Debbie don't let that fucker get you upset!
Go in there, stick a fuckin' ciggerete to his neck!
I bet you he's fakin', and I bet, I bet he prolly wants to see just how upset you would get!
I'll go handle this, ofcource unless you objest-"
"AH go fuck his brain's out if any is left in his head!"
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