Merry Christmas!
          	... 2017 was hard. That’s all I can say. 2016 sucked ass, but 2017 truly put up a fight to be the worst year yet. It was HARD. Yet, this year made me a different person, a stronger person. A lot happened. So much happened that I don’t even know if I’ll be able to recount it all. Nonetheless, I’m still here, and I refuse to let 2018 beat me down like this year has.
          	2018 is my year. Our year. I promise.




@omgJalen AH i’m so happy you’re still alive!! i was beginning to worry about you!! :)


Exactly, it’s our graduation year so let’s make the best of it 


Miss you Jalen, we all appreciate you and ur writing.
          The fact that colours was discontinued hurt, but what we all read of it was worth every second.
          Hope ur ok out there in the world.


I loved colors. I waited so long for the next update and am very sad to see it go but on a more important note, I hope everything is well in your own personal life. And that 2019 has been a very prosperous year, thank you for making such a good story :))))❤️