Sage || she/her || Motivation? Who's she? Never heard of her.

• Rough update schedule: anywhere from a few days to a month, sometimes longer. So please don't ask for updates.

• I do not write smut or mpreg (male pregnancy). Please don't ask why.

• Do not repost my stories.

• I am currently not accepting translations for the following fics: Eagle's Flight, ALHS, AToS

• Comment threads are okay, but do not spam.

• Hate comments are NOT okay; I will delete them and mute you.

• Do not send me chain posts (e.g. Send this to X users...).

• Please, please, PLEASE be careful about putting personal information about yourself out on the Internet.

• If you had read this far, drink some water (unless you're fasting, of course).


| Fandoms: Harry Potter, Sanders Sides, Warriors, Julie and the Phantoms, Heartstopper, The Hunger Games

| Some ships you can expect from me: Rarry, Romione, Hinny

- Ships that can be both romantic and platonic are the best, fight me -- actually don't.

| Some ships you can expect me NOT to write/read: Drarry, Dramione, Pansmione, Harmione, Tomarry*, any adult x student

*excluding fics posted before 2021

| Hardly any representation around here, guess I gotta do it myself *makes characters ace and/or aro*

Other platforms:

Ao3: onyxjay (some fics are anonymous)
Tumblr: fivenamereveals (multi-fandom)
IG: fivenamereveals (mostly TSSides)

Read this far? Here *dumps motivation on you*

And again, hydrate if possible.
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onyxjay onyxjay Aug 06, 2022 08:07PM
TLDR at end.Hello, people of the Wattpad. Listen up:This may not come as a huge surprise given my infrequent updates, but my passion for Harry Potter has been steadily declining. That’s not to say...
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